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How to Make Payment?

1. eNETS - Payment Gateway (POSB/DBS,UOB & CitiBank Singapore)
2. Bank Transfer (POSB/DBS,UOB, OCBC & SBI Singapore)
3. Prepaid
eNETS - Direct Debit Gateway for POSB/DBS,UOB & CitiBank Singapore
  1. Introduction & How to Buy phone cards.
    1. What is eNETS?
    2. How to buy phonecards using eNETS
    3. How to do Transaction with eNETS
    4. Benefits of eNETS
  2. eNETS – debit from your bank account
    1. Getting Started
    2. Paying for my transactions
    3. Transaction fees
    4. Security
  3. Important Notice
    If you are using a pop-up blocker, please add the following sites to your list of allowed sites. Otherwise, the relevant transaction pages cannot be displayed, and your transaction request cannot be processed.
    1. www.jxgateway.com
    2. dbsd2pay.dbs.com (for DBS/POSB Account holders)
    3. uniservices1.uobgroup.com (for UOB Account holders)
    4. www.citibank.com.sg (for Citibank Account holders)
  4. Click Yes While eNETS Web site is redirecting to our site.
  5. If you encounter any problem please SMS or call us at +65-97835517
Bank Transfer - POSB/DBS. Our POSB Current A/c No : 781248851
  1. How to apply Internet Banking
  2. Apply for iBMessage
  3. Add New POSB/DBS Payee

  4. Transfer the Fund
Bank Transfer - UOB. Our UOB Savings A/c No:3833707653
  1. How to apply Internet Banking
  2. Apply for Transaction Authentication Code (TAC)
  3. Add New other UOB Payee

  4. Transfer the Fund
Bank Transfer - OCBC. Our OCBC Savings A/c No : 503837825001
  1. How to apply Internet Banking
  2. Apply for Transaction Authentication Code (TAC)
  3. Add New Beneficiary

  4. Transfer the Fund
Phonecard.com.sg : Prepaid Method
  1. What is Prepaid Payment Method?
    1. Prepaid Payment Method is where you deposit the fund in advance and we would deduct from it whenever you purchase a card .
  2. Who can use the Prepaid Payment Method?
    1. All Premium Customers can use the Prepaid Payment Method .
  3. How to become a Premium Customer?
    1. Write in to support@phonecard.com.sg and then transfer $100 to phonecard account
    2. We will upgrade you as Premium Customer once we receive the fund from you
  4. How to check my balance?
    1. You can view your balance when you login to phonecard.com.sg or Send SMS BAL to 83144546
  5. What are the benefits of being a Premium Customer?
    1. You can save up to 30 cents per card. If Card Rate is 8.20 then you will get 30c otherwise 20c discount
    2. You can view Pin numbers online immediateley
    3. You need not wait for our approval
    4. You can purchase phonecards at anytime
  6. Can I top up my Premium Account using eNETS?
    1. No. We only accept bank transfer
  7. What is the minimum top up amount?
    1. SGD.100 only
  8. How to Topup my Premium Account?
    1. Transfer $100 to Our Account by Online Transfer or ATM or Cash Deposit
    2. Submit Premium Account Topup Form Online or
    3. Send SMS:Top 100 to 83144546
    4. Our staff might call you for payment clarification if any
    5. You account will be topped after your payment verification during our support hours between 9.00 and 23.30.
  9. When will you topup the amount?
    1. We topup your account between 9.00 and 23.30.
  10. Will I get disocunt when i place an order by SMS?
    1. Yes. 
  11. How to buy phonecard's PIN by SMS?
    1. Step 1: Update your mobile number in profile
    2. Step 2: Compose SMS : ORD HELLO10 2
      SMS Format:ORD[space][SMSCODE]space][QUANTITY]
    3. Step 3: Send SMS to 83144546
    4. Step 4: You will be receiving PIN number by SMS within 5 seconds.
  12. For Detailed information Click
    1. Introduction & Benefits