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Model:  PXCB10

Our Rate: $8.70
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Step 1: Registration/Top-up
  1. Call from the phone number you wish to register.
  2. Dial 6347 9966
  3. Select the language: 1. English,2. Chinese,3. Indonesian,4. Tamil,5. Japanese
  4. Enter your PIN+#
  5. You have now automatically registered your number.
Step 2: To make a call-back with your registered number
  1. Dial 6347 9977.
  2. LIne will be disconnected
  3. Wait for the system call back to your phone
  4. Enter Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number + #

Customer Support: 68381516
Terms and Condition
  • Suitable for mobilelines with free incoming calls
  • Call connectivity is mobile operator dependable
  • Registered number cannot be changed
  • Not for use with mobile phones that have already subscribed to phoenix1516 IDD service
  • Not for use with public phones and fixed line phones
  • Card expires 6 months from registration / topup

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    Shin Si chung says...
    It takes forever to call back. Once it did, it takes forever to connect, or will not connect at all. Or if you are lucky, you get connected with lousy quality call. I would advise you not to get this.

    Manikandan Mike says...
    Easy to Buy,Reduce work

    Elson Lee says...
    A very good callback card. win over ez callback and i-callback with a big margin. current working as a telecom engineer that needs a lot of out-going mins. it really save my pocket. voice is clear, no overlaps or interference by other line. a 5 ***** card!!! 30/01/09

    jaya balan says...

    venkat vsi says...
    its good to use

    muthu kumar says...
    When compared to other cards,this is ok.

    nice to shopping

    Babu GR says...
    People, One may think this card just give 89 mins talk time to India, compare to other 3 digits talk time cards. But, this card genuinely provides 89 mins talk time and the quality of the connection is excellent. I'm using this card for the past 6months, one or two times I've faced a minor problem in the hearing the other party clearly. If anyone face this type of problem, immediately hang on the call and retry, you will be connected clearly.


    koh brown says...

    guru saravanan says...

    ravi surampudi says...
    at peak times (sat and sunday) it had the worse performance. it was a bad exprence with this card

    ravi surampudi says...
    sometimes the quality of voice is not good. and if I recall the same number again then by chance its improving. overally its ok.

    Soundararaj Ramamoorthy says...
    I have been purchasing this card for 9 months. There has been always problem calling to india between 8 to 10 pm as it never get connected even if you try 10 times. but other time it was okay. Now for the 3 days it is not connecting properly at any time even i try 10 times.

    madhan kumar says...
    ok this card is one of the best in call back series. for india callback is ok. in weekend evening only have some problem all other time ok.

    Branson Lee says...
    when it first come out in market, it have some problem. but now is very good. Good connection and very clear. call to malaysia and china is great !

    Anil Gosavi says...
    Since last few days getting connection problem. It takes minutes to hour to connect them. Date 16 Jan 06

    ravi kumar says...
    initailly it was good. but now it doesn't connect easily. it always say network busy or number busy

    Soundararaj Ramamoorthy says...
    Not too bad, I can see some improvement now

    Soundararaj Ramamoorthy says...
    This card never used to get connected . We need to call the number atleast 5 to get connected once Regards Soundar

    Anil Gosavi says...
    Pretty good card. 80 minutes on callback to India (mobile and landline). No connection fees. Per minute billing. No connection problem. Voice is quality is good (of course cant compare with hello card). Value for money !!

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