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Model:  SH-10

Our Rate: $10.00
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Dialing Instruction

  • Callback Registration/Topup : Dial 66223311-> Press 1 for English ->Enter Pin and press #
  • Making Callback : Dial 6773 1188-> Auto cut off and wait for call back -> Enter countrycode+Tel.No
  • Check Balance : Dial 6773 1133 -> Auto Cut off and wait for call back -> Listen to Account Balance

International Calling Card

  • Making ICC : Dial 66229600 -> Press 1 for English -> Enter PIN Number and press #
  • Check Balance: Dial 6622 9600 -> Press 1 form English -> Enter PIN Number and press #
  • Customer Care Line : 6781 1111
  • validity period 6 months.
  • Prompt Languages:1.English
  • Terms & Conditions Apply

  Unity Star Card $10
  India Ez 1000
  M1 Top-Up $18
  Singtel Easy Topup Hot 128
  Starhub Ez $10


Sean Wong says...
The SMS has a big flaw.. on a few occasions, sms will only be delivered to recipants hours later (both ways). I sent out SMS at 830 pm. Friends overseas only received it at 11.30 pm. And when freind send sms to me @ 830 pm, I only recived it at 10.30 pm. This fatal flaw makes me rate it at 1-Star. :-( Looking out for a more reliable alternative.

Brishketu Prakash says...
not bad

Anupam Pramanik says...
this card sucks..Voice quality is very poor.Gives less than 300mins though it advertises for 520mins for India mob!!hidden connection charges are also there..dont buy this

kannusamy muthukumaran says...
mm, great savings and call clarity.

kannusamy muthukumaran says...
i love you priya

shouheng xu says...
this is good card. I have using it for more than 3 years to call China. but u can buy it cheaper ($8) at newspapers stalls.

Govinda Das says...

prem kumar says...
very good . i use this card past five months its clarity is very good to call chennai india . its gives more than 80 to 90 minutes. . so try and enjoy

sripriya l says...
This is the best card ever, it gives me 90 mins solidly and the clarity is very good and also connects 9 out of 10 times. i have been using this card for the past 5 months and have only good things to recommend about this card. Try once you will like it :)

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