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Model:  CC-10

Our Rate: $10.00
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Chat Chat Card $10

  1. Direct IDD : 63099011,66229588,67663939 or 18007663939
  2. Register/Top up/Speed dial

    1. Dial 68775988 . 65792099 or
    2. To Register Singapore Mobile No: SMS RE Pin
    3. Register Other Phone: SMS RE Pin#Other MobileNo
    4. Topup : SMS TP Pin
    5. Unregister: SMS DE
    6. Topup Other Mobile: SMS TR Pin#MobileNo
    7. Set Speed Dial XX : 01 to 09 = SD XX#PhoneNo
  3. Callback/Call Direct/IDD
    1. Call back using Singapore Mobile No: Dial 66229400/68775955, Speed Dial: 66229401 to 66229409
    2. Call back using SMS: CA PhoneNo
    3. Call direct : 66229595
    4. IDD : 1526+PhoneNo
  4. Reload to Overseas Mobile: SMS LD Pin # Overseas Mobile No,Amount and send it to +6592295935, +6592295936
  5. Customer Support No:68387737

  Starhub Happy $128
  SingTel Hot 128
  Unity Star Card $10
  Starhub Happy $18
  SingTel Top-Up $20


jing kee says...
like your phone activation+call back feature. Not only helps me from keying in the lengthy PIN number every time I call, but also save me on mobile bill as I am on free-incoming call. Great !

ravi surampudi says...
I recently bought 2 cards from this site and one of the card pin is invalid. I lodged the complaint 3 days back and no one got back to me. This is the worst experience i have there are many occasions when the quality of the card is not good. But invalid card is something to do with credibility of the site itself. Be cautious before buying

yusuf makrani says...
Since last 15 days this card is giving problem to call land line number, for mobile it’s good but if u want to call any land line u have to dial at least 15 to 20 time and ur money also get subtract so I m going change the card.

yusuf makrani says...
i m using this card since last 4 months, it's really good card.

Eng teck Gan says...
Been using this card to call to vietnam.. so far so good~ quality quite good. had not encountered any dropped call.

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