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Model:  SS-10

Our Rate: $8.20
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Dialing Instruction

  1. Dial 68835077/68835088/68835099
  2. Select Language: 1.English, 2.Chinese, 3. Indonesain, 4. Thai, 5.Tamil, 6. Bangaladesh 6. Tagalog
  3. Enter PIN number
  4. Enter country code+Area Code+Phone Number+#
  5. Press 1 to make a call, 2 to redial, *0 to make another call

Customer Service

  1. Singapore: 63582339
  2. Australia:1300 366 832 (Roaming)
  3. Malaysia: 07 288 7288 (Malaysia)

Other Terms to use this card

  1. Rates subjected to change without prior notice
  2. Card is not refunded
  3. valid for 6 months from activation or card expiry date whichever is ealier
  4. Terms & Conditions Apply
  5. Latest Promotions
  6. Rates

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pfingo pfingo says...
pfingo calling card local call will benefit the customers whom using post paid (Free incoming calls) whom their outgoing call mobile plan is less than 100 to 300 min per month. The new promo rates for local callback will be 500 min which is $0.02 per min. If StarHub Green prepaid customer, can use direct call at 1,000 min which is $0.01 per min. When you make call to your friends, your friends will see your mobile number as caller ID. New rates promo on 28 Nov 12.

Chandra Sukiman says...
its a nice card for calling to indonesia... have a very clear line

Sandra Gul says...
Total waste of money. Everytime u reconnect, quite a large amount gets deducted. Not good value.

Shou Simei says...
too bad to call china,difficult to call though.

Anandan Natarajan says...
Clear line with Max talk time to UK. No other card for UK after this...

Guruprasad Rao says...
Good to talk only to US ..

Preethi singh says...
This card is so useless, everytime i call they detect money and 6 mins detected even for a word then the call will disconnect. It's a waste of money card, not worth buying. Can anyone say which phone card is gud for Handphone?

Anindya Roy says...
pure unadultered 60 mins for any Indian mobile phone. Not recommended for landlines though.

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