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Model:  TIG-10

Our Rate: $10.00
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Tiger Card $10

  1. Direct IDD : 63099011,66229588,67663939 or 18007663939
  2. Register/Top up/Speed dial

    1. Dial 68775988 . 65792099 or
    2. To Register Singapore Mobile No: SMS RE Pin
    3. Register Other Phone: SMS RE Pin#Other MobileNo
    4. Topup : SMS TP Pin
    5. Unregister: SMS DE
    6. Topup Other Mobile: SMS TR Pin#MobileNo
    7. Set Speed Dial XX : 01 to 09 = SD XX#PhoneNo
  3. Callback/Call Direct/IDD
    1. Call back using Singapore Mobile No: Dial 66229400/68775955, Speed Dial: 66229401 to 66229409
    2. Call back using SMS: CA PhoneNo
    3. Call direct : 66229595
    4. IDD : 1526+PhoneNo
  4. Reload to Overseas Mobile: SMS LD Pin # Overseas Mobile No,Amount and send it to +6592295935, +6592295936
  5. Customer Support No:68387737

  Unity Star Card $10
  China Ez CNY50
  China Ez CNY100
  Indonesia Ez 50000
  Singtel Easy Topup Hot 128


suresh babu R says...

Shaik Abdul Kader says...
No more reliable. I think the owner became more greedy. Voice quality is good but very difficult to connect and if connected keeps disconnecting intermittently and cutting money as well. Bye bye Tiger...

mahesh kumar says...
good servie

sivaraman ram says...

peer mohamed ahamed says...
very very bad this card.cannot get overseas callback.the costumor service also very poor.customer service working hrs here mension 8.30am to 10pm.but 9pm will call nobody there.

mohamed abbas abdulkareem says...
its not bad

dhinakaran kathavarayan says...
Easily get the connection in weekend also. Line very clear.


anand gandhe says...
call back always says network busy

muthukumaran annamalai says...
Good card if you want to talk non stop for 1 hour. if you cut in between you get 40 to 45 mts. quality is good i used for pondy and chennai.

Ravi Padmanaban says...
High connection charge. Voice quality is not good. Lots of disturbing noise during the call.

Nagaraja P says...
It gives only about 25 minutes to India. All the price and other details are not correct

Nagaraja P says...
Without any connection, it has deducted 20 Cents

Nagaraja P says...
Always engage tone

Nagaraja P says...
Always engage tone

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