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Model:  Hot100-28

Our Rate: $28.00
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This Top-Up Card enables you to replenish the value of your existing Hi!Card/hello!Mobile Card.

Simply follow these steps to top up.
  1. Dial 9676 7777 on your GSN 900/GSM 1800/DualBand mobile phone inserted with Hi!Card/hello!Mobile Card. 9676 7777 is a toll-free number)
  2. Press "2" to top up.
  3. Wait for the voice prompt and enter your 10-digit Top-Up Card number followed by the "#" key.
  4. You will hear the top-up value credited to your Hi!Card/hello!Mobile Card on your mobile phone.
  5. Customer Care Line : 1800 4822800 / 1626
  6. Operating Hours : Mon-Fri 8.30am-5.00pm, Sat 8.30am-1.00pm, Closed on Sun & Public Holidays.
  7. The Top-Up Card once sold in non-refundable.
  8. HOT $100 value expires in 30 days upon topup
  9. Use of this card is subject to the terms and conditions specified in the Hi!Card/hello!Mobile Card user guide.
  10. More Info

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pfingo pfingo says...
pfingo calling card local call will benefit the customers whom using post paid (Free incoming calls) whom their outgoing call mobile plan is less than 100 to 300 min per month. The new promo rates for local callback will be 500 min which is $0.02 per min. If StarHub Green prepaid customer, can use direct call at 1,000 min which is $0.01 per min. When you make call to your friends, your friends will see your mobile number as caller ID. New rates promo on 28 Nov 12.

Miriyala Pradeep says...
This card is very good

Yong Yi Hui says...
outside only sell $26.50. it is better if cheaper.

wilson ukombe says...

maria louis says...
its very good for me and used it many times.

Palanisamy Karthikeyan says...
Good & Value more

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